SandblastingFor a sharp, precise finish

Sandblasting & Micro-Sandblasting

Want to give your wooden house a new lease of life?
Ecological and innovative, the technique of Sandblasting – Micro-Sanding makes it possible to strip quickly all types of surfaces, by projecting at low pressure abrasive fine particles. For a clean, homogeneous and precise rendering while respecting the material treated. The process used for wood is a fine and soft micro-sanding so as not to break or crush the veins. The dust is recovered and treated in a specialized treatment center.


  • Stripping for aging wood
  • Regular maintenance of woodwork
  • Paint stripping
  • Cleaning of stone facades
  • Cleaning rust marks on metal parts or structures
  • Cleaning graffiti
  • Renovation of furniture for interior decoration
  • Cleaning of statues and monuments in stone or bronze
  • Stripping of boat hull antifouling
  • Concrete and polyester pool stripping
  • Preparation of all supports for treatments

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